Lyndale Pictures

Women's Leadership Program

LNA's Women's Leadership Program Latina Cohort

October Lyndale Neighborhood Meeting

Lisa Lyons presents information on Accessory Dwelling Units

Lyndale at the Heart Walk

The Bassais Family at the Heart Walk

Dia Del Nino

Pepina showing off her dance moves with Mariachi Estrella

Litter Outta Lyndale

Cleaning up the Blaisdell Rain Garden

Board Thank You Calls

LNA Board Members Eric, Melissa, and Natasha make thank you calls and invite people to the Open House

February General Membership Meeting

It was one of the best attended General Membership meetings in years

La Posada Poster

Love Lyndale

November General Membership

Taylor thanks Council Member Tuthill and the 10th Ward Team

Curiosities of Lyndale

How to set up a shelf

Curiosities of Lyndale

Freshly installed boxes at Nicollet and 36th

Fish Fest 2013

Lula and the dancing bear

Fish Fest 2013

Steve waiting for the water balloons

Walk-A-Thon Kick Off

Folks gathered for a BBQ to kick off this year's Walk-A-Thon

Litter "outta" Lyndale

Saturday was cold, but we still picked up a ton of trash!

2013 Lyndale Open House

The Taste of Lyndale Was a Big Success

2012 Community Service Award

Richelle presents Teen Challenge with their Community Serivce Award

January General Membership

Rep Susan Allen discusses the upcoming legislative session

LNA Holiday Greeting

Lyndale Women's Leadership Program

Lyndale Women's Leadership Program Cohort visits City Hall

Live Nicollet Bus Front

On the road with Live Nicolet

La Posada (2011)

A dancer from Mexico Lindo

Museum in the Streets

Joyce Wisdom at Kick-off Event

Live Nicollet

Martha, Lisa, and Holly working on the garden at the Lyndale Community Center

Live Nicollet

Alex, the owner of Fresh Cuts outside his shop

Pats Tap Block Party

Scott, Shannon, and Holly hanging out at the Live Nicollet booth

Eating for Art

Join us for Eating for Art this year on Thursday, September 20th

Live Nicollet Feature on Goda Cafe

Moussa Doualeh, owner of Goda Café at 3400 Nicollet Ave. in the Lyndale Neighborhood, learned to cook watching his father in Somalia.

Pat's Tap Block Party Poster

Pat's Tap Block Party Poster

Live Nicollet Banner

Live Nicollet Banner

Live Nicollet

Ed and Sam at Variety Beauty Supply

Live Nicollet

Jerry (Corporate Incentives), Mary (El Paraiso), and Dan (Butter) at the July LNBA Happy Hour

Live Nicollet

Joseph G at Alem Chiropractor

Curiosities of Lyndale

Curiosities of Lyndale

Pats Tap

A salad at Pats Tap

Pats Tap Bar

The bar at Pat's Tap

Pats Tap

Pats Tap Skee Ball

Star Kuts Barbershop

Star Kuts Barbershop Sign

Businesses at Lake & Nicollet

Support businesses at Lake & Nicollet

Goda Cafe

Goda Cafe Sign

B-Squad Vintage

B-Squad Vintage Sign

Honeycomb Salon

Honeycomb Salon

B-Squad Vintage

Front of B-Squad Vintage

Live Nicollet

Sign Up For Live Nicollet Today

Curiosities of Lyndale

A mock for the Curiosities of Lyndale Project

First Layer of Pavement

The first new layer of pavement in over 50 years on the new Nicollet Avenue

Lyndale's Environement Committee

Cleaning up the Blaisdell Rain Garden as Part of St. Olaf's Day of Service

Twin City Tattoo

Erik, Jessica, and Mike

2011 Fish Fest

A scene from the 2011 Fish Fest

Passport to Lyndale

Passport to Lyndale

Passport to Lyndale

Join us on March 22nd for the Lyndale Open House

Lyndale Community Center

Lyndale Community Center (3537 Nicollet Avenue)

Horn Towers Puppet Show

Puppet Show at Horn Towers


Salsaabrosa regularly appears at LNA's La Posada

2011 Lyndale Community Service Award Winners

John Meegan and Jeannie Wiener recieve their 2011 Lyndale Community Service Awards

Neighborhood News

Each fall LNA creates a budget to help guide the organization’s finances during the next year.  The budget is one way the organization sets its priorities for the year.  The primary challenge for this budget is how does LNA maintain our organizational capacity, especially around staffing, as the organization gets closer to exhausting the amount of NRP funding we have available for general operations.   

It was an eventful election in Minnesota with Mark Dayton and Al Franken winning reelection as Minnesota’s Governor and U.S. Senator along with the Minnesota House of Representatives switching from DFL to Republican control.

Here in Minneapolis Rebecca Gagnon and Don Samuels were elected to the school board, Marion Greene was reelected as the neighborhood’s Hennepin County Commissioner, Susan Allen was reelected as our State Representative, and Rich Stanek was reelected as the Hennepin County Sheriff. 

There were two initiatives on the ballot that passed, one to change the filing fees for candidates for municipal elections the other to move some rules related to regulating the sale of wine and beer from the City Charter to be regulated by City Ordinance.

We’re extending a special invitation to you and your whole family to come to an important event in Painter Park (620 W 34th St). Painter Park is located on Lyndale Avenue, between 33rd and 34th street.

The event will happen on Saturday, the 22nd of November from 11am to 2pm. It is a forum in order to hear your ideas for the park. We have a lot of questions for you aroud what programs and activities you and your family would you like to see at the park?

University of Minnesota senior Nate Elder is taking his education serious and “putting his money where his mouth is” by interning with LNA this semester.  Through the Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs (HECUA) program which focuses on education for social justice, Nate has been working on the Nicollet Votes Campaign and doorknocking in each of the four participating neighborhoods. 

The main topic of our meeting was the Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU), aka Granny Flats, proposal currently being developed by the City.  The City of Minneapolis is considering amending the zoning code to allow for ADU.

The different types of ADU’s being considered are detached, attached, and interior with separate entry. Those at the meeting felt this would be a positive step, but wanted to learn more. And agreed that having a City Planner present information at the October Lyndale Neighborhood Meeting would be a way of informing the neighborhood and also a chance to get questions answered. Some comments made:

The Lyndale Neighborhood Association has a lot to celebrate this year.  From holding our fourth year of the Women’s Leadership Program to hosting Nicollet Open Streets, an event that brought over 9,500 people to our neighborhood, all of the success we have had is because of you!  LNA is grateful for its donors, volunteers, and supporters because without you, we would not be able to do the important community building work we do! 

Present Moment, a gem in the Lyndale neighborhood, is one of the largest bulk herb and homeopathic remedy retailers in the United States. Robert Gallagher has owned Present Moment for more than 30 years. I recently got to chat with Robert and his daughter Selena a bit more about the business.

Robert said, "I started the store to bring a complete system of healing together in one place.” "Homeo" is the latin word for similar and "Pathy" for suffering. Similar suffering. For healing there are more than 2,000 remedies, homeopathy is my passion. Homeopathy is a system of alternative medicine created in 1796 based on like cures, for example a substance that causes the symptoms of a disease in healthy people will cure similar symptoms in sick people.

Join us for the Thanks Giving Walk on Sunday, November 16th.  On that day the Lyndale Walkers will meet at 3542 Garfield Avenue, #1 at 12:00 noon to start delivering Thank You notes. After the delivery walk we will return for soup and refreshments.

If you know a Lyndale resident or business owner that you would like to thank for doing a good deed or for just being a person you appreciate, write them a thank you note, put their name and address on the envelope and drop the note off at the Lyndale Community Center (3537 Nicollet) by noon on Friday, November 14th and the Lyndale Walkers will make sure your note is delivered.

Business Notes are short updates about what’s happening with Lyndale area businesses.

Regla De Oro Art Gallery – 2743 Lyndale Ave
Westy Copeland Exhibit – Lighthouses of Maine – October 14th to November 30th.
Phone # 612-886-1247 website

I was asked the other day to describe what we do as an organization.  In some ways it’s a simple question and in other ways it can get complicated trying to describe everything we do and why we do it.   

For the past few years our work has been guided by a strategic plan developed after the merger between the Lyndale Neighborhood Association (LNA) and Lyndale Neighborhood Development Corporation (LNDC).  It’s a plan that, I think, has served the neighborhood well and helped us build one of the most active and engaged neighborhoods in Minnesota.


2015 Lyndale Sponsors
Please take a moment to thank the following neighborhood businesses for sponsoring the Lyndale Neighborhood Association during 2015.

Community Builder

36th and Lyndale BP
3551 Lyndale Ave S
Cooper & Reid, LLC The Low Cost Law Firm
825 Nicollet Ave
Zion Lutheran Church
128 W 33rd St

Neighborhood Partner
Redeemer Health & Rehab
625 W 31st St
The Chair
3255 Lyndale Ave

TruStone Financial Credit Union
2817 Lyndale Ave

Nicollet Ace Hardware
3805 Nicollet Ave
InnerCity Tennis
4005 Nicollet Ave
Blaisdell YMCA
3355 Blaisdell Ave S
Lake Wine & Spirits
404 W Lake St
Butter Bakery Cafe
3700 Nicollet Ave

Good Neighbor
Royal Pet
3019 Lyndale Ave S
Edina Realty
5318 Lyndale Ave S
Schatzlein Saddle Shop
413 W Lake St
State Farm Insurance
3430 Nicollet Ave
The Chair

3255 Lyndale Ave S
Warners' Stellian
5462 Nicollet Ave S

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