Food, Fish, and Fun
Join us for one of the best days of the year!
Mark Hinds

This year’s Fish Fest will take place on Saturday, June 16th from 5:00 to 8:30 pm. As always, the festivities will take place on 33rd Street between Garfi eld & Harriet Avenues – right in front of the Garfield Aquarium building.

This year’s Fish Fest will feature Hot Club of Minneapolis, which will be a new musical act for the event. Hot Club of Minneapolis plays gypsy jazz and ws recently featured as a part of the Hosmer Music Series. El Meson’s famous Fish Tacos will be back. To help round out the meal, we are also asking people to bring cornbread or a dessert to share.

This year we will have a great mix of activities. There will be kids’ activities, the name game will be back, as well as face painting and henna. We’ll also have a couple of special activities this year, including Carly Schmitt who is the artist for the Lyndale Box Wrap project and a special Live Nicollet table, where you can learn all about how you can support Nicollet businesses

Each year Fish Fest draws well over 350 people from the neighborhood together to honor the creation of public art at the Garfield Aquarium. A part of what makes the event so special, is that it is a uniquely Lyndale event that represents some of the best things about the neighborhood and its spirit of having fun, while getting things done! To help you get excited for this year’s event check out a photo gallery from last year at If you’d like to help plan or volunteer at this year’s event, drop Mark a line at (612) 824-9402, ext. 16 /

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Thu, 2012-06-07 10:14

Volunteer Spotlight

Event Ambassador:
It’s that time again!  La Posada is just around the corner and there are many opportunities to help out with this great event.  Food, dancers, community, and Santa all make this one of the most special events of the season.  We’ll need help with set up, food service, activity helpers, clean up, and just general help with the merriment. Choose a role and help us make the day run smoothly!

Set up: 2-4pm

Help make the place look beautiful! You’ll hang papel picado banners, cover the tables, put everything in order, and make everything look festive!

Kid’s Activities: 4-5:30pm

We anticipate having 4 activity stations for kids.  Each station needs at least 2 volunteers. There will be all the materials you’ll need to do the activity.      

Paper Flowers: Help kids create paper flowers. We’ll have instructions to ensure your success!    

Maracas: Help kids assemble and decorate their own noisemaker!

Metal Tooling: In the vein of traditional metal working, help kids create beautiful pieces by drawing on tin foil.  Good times. 

Face-painting: Draw on kids’ faces with the crayon/pencils.  Make kids into fantastical creatures.         

Photographers: 4-7:30

Take pictures of the event.  We’d love to get shots of kids doing different activities, community members interacting with each other, the volunteers in action, and the dancers.  Pictures should be dropped off at LNA at a later date.   

Welcome Table/Registration 4-5:30 and 5:30-7:00

Greet people as they arrive, show them the coat rack, let them know what’s going on in the program, have community members sign up on our attendance sheet and put on a name tag. 

Santa’s Elves 4:00-5:30 and 6:15-7:00

Please make sure Santa has everything he needs.  Because of time it takes to print the pictures, we are going to have contact sheets for people to sign up so their pictures can be sent to them. You’ll need to help people fill out the sheets, and explain to them that within the next week we will be emailing or printing out the pictures and mailing them out.  Also help with the flow, the lines, and bringing kids up to Santa.  People are welcome to take pictures with their own cameras.

Social Butterfly

Your job is to flit and float and fly.  While doing that just circulate around the event and talk to people.  Answer any questions people may have about the event or LNA and help them get engaged.  Connect people who should know each other and try to notice any wallflowers who are looking uncomfortable and in need of a friendly chat. You mariposas are the key to people feeling like they belong and want to get involved in Lyndale. 

Food Servers 4:30-6:00 and 6:00-7:30

This is a very important role—we all need to eat! First shift will take photos of the kitchen, set up the food and begin serving at five pm. Second shift will take over at six, finish serving food, and begin cleanup by seven.


This is seriously a fun job.  At 7:15 you get to pass out gift bags to kids as they leave the event.

Clean up

And…..scene.  Time to look about proudly at all the good cheer and community building going on and pack it up.  Decorations need to come down and everything that was brought in needs to be brought out. There will be some designated transport vehicles that we will put everything in. Sweep, remove tape.

Contact Jennifer ( – 824-9402 ext. 12) to learn more about each opportunity and to sign up for a shift.