Lyndale Pictures

Lyndale at the Heart Walk

The Bassais Family at the Heart Walk

Dia Del Nino

Pepina showing off her dance moves with Mariachi Estrella

Litter Outta Lyndale

Cleaning up the Blaisdell Rain Garden

Board Thank You Calls

LNA Board Members Eric, Melissa, and Natasha make thank you calls and invite people to the Open House

February General Membership Meeting

It was one of the best attended General Membership meetings in years

La Posada Poster

Love Lyndale

November General Membership

Taylor thanks Council Member Tuthill and the 10th Ward Team

Curiosities of Lyndale

How to set up a shelf

Curiosities of Lyndale

Freshly installed boxes at Nicollet and 36th

Fish Fest 2013

Lula and the dancing bear

Fish Fest 2013

Steve waiting for the water balloons

Walk-A-Thon Kick Off

Folks gathered for a BBQ to kick off this year's Walk-A-Thon

Litter "outta" Lyndale

Saturday was cold, but we still picked up a ton of trash!

2013 Lyndale Open House

The Taste of Lyndale Was a Big Success

2012 Community Service Award

Richelle presents Teen Challenge with their Community Serivce Award

January General Membership

Rep Susan Allen discusses the upcoming legislative session

LNA Holiday Greeting

Lyndale Women's Leadership Program

Lyndale Women's Leadership Program Cohort visits City Hall

Live Nicollet Bus Front

On the road with Live Nicolet

La Posada (2011)

A dancer from Mexico Lindo

Museum in the Streets

Joyce Wisdom at Kick-off Event

Live Nicollet

Martha, Lisa, and Holly working on the garden at the Lyndale Community Center

Live Nicollet

Alex, the owner of Fresh Cuts outside his shop

Pats Tap Block Party

Scott, Shannon, and Holly hanging out at the Live Nicollet booth

Eating for Art

Join us for Eating for Art this year on Thursday, September 20th

Live Nicollet Feature on Goda Cafe

Moussa Doualeh, owner of Goda Café at 3400 Nicollet Ave. in the Lyndale Neighborhood, learned to cook watching his father in Somalia.

Pat's Tap Block Party Poster

Pat's Tap Block Party Poster

Live Nicollet Banner

Live Nicollet Banner

Live Nicollet

Ed and Sam at Variety Beauty Supply

Live Nicollet

Jerry (Corporate Incentives), Mary (El Paraiso), and Dan (Butter) at the July LNBA Happy Hour

Live Nicollet

Joseph G at Alem Chiropractor

Curiosities of Lyndale

Curiosities of Lyndale

Pats Tap

A salad at Pats Tap

Pats Tap Bar

The bar at Pat's Tap

Pats Tap

Pats Tap Skee Ball

Star Kuts Barbershop

Star Kuts Barbershop Sign

Businesses at Lake & Nicollet

Support businesses at Lake & Nicollet

Goda Cafe

Goda Cafe Sign

B-Squad Vintage

B-Squad Vintage Sign

Honeycomb Salon

Honeycomb Salon

B-Squad Vintage

Front of B-Squad Vintage

Live Nicollet

Sign Up For Live Nicollet Today

Curiosities of Lyndale

A mock for the Curiosities of Lyndale Project

First Layer of Pavement

The first new layer of pavement in over 50 years on the new Nicollet Avenue

Lyndale's Environement Committee

Cleaning up the Blaisdell Rain Garden as Part of St. Olaf's Day of Service

Twin City Tattoo

Erik, Jessica, and Mike

2011 Fish Fest

A scene from the 2011 Fish Fest

Passport to Lyndale

Passport to Lyndale

Passport to Lyndale

Join us on March 22nd for the Lyndale Open House

Lyndale Community Center

Lyndale Community Center (3537 Nicollet Avenue)

Horn Towers Puppet Show

Puppet Show at Horn Towers


Salsaabrosa regularly appears at LNA's La Posada

2011 Lyndale Community Service Award Winners

John Meegan and Jeannie Wiener recieve their 2011 Lyndale Community Service Awards

Neighborhood News

The Lyndale Neighborhood Association (LNA) is an award-winning, nationally recognized community-based organization in South Minneapolis on the cutting edge of community development. The Whittier Alliance is a neighborhood organization dedicated to building a flourishing and distinctive world class neighborhood.  LNA and Whittier are currently seeking a Community Organizer for the Somali/East African Community to split their time working with the communities in the two neighborhoods.

Before this year’s Open House some Board Members spend time calling everyone who donated to LNA this past year to thank them for their support and to invite them to this year’s Open House.  It was a fun night of calling, gave us a chance to answer some questions about the neighborhood, and provided inspiration for this month’s column.  The following are some questions we’re frequently asked.

After four successful years, the Lyn Lake Street Festival has become a signature community event that promotes Lyn Lake as a great place to come too. It’s also a gift to the surrounding communities that support local businesses. After a one year hiatus, the festival is slated to return on Sunday, June 8th and moves to a new location in the parking lot behind The Jungle Theater and Fuji Ya on Garfield between 29th and Lake Street from noon to 8 PM.

The following is a question and answer by LNA Board Member Natasha Villanueva about what it is like to serve on the Lyndale Neighborhood Association (LNA) Board of Directors.

Why did you decide to serve on the board?
I love learning and being in the know about goings on in the neighborhood, volunteerism has always formed an important part of my life, I have the opportunity to make a difference, and I enjoy working on a successful team.

The Lyndale Neighborhood Business Association (LNBA) meeting was April 8, 2014 at Hibachi Buffet.

Council Member Elizabeth Glidden gave us some updates on the reopening of Nicollet Avenue and the 35W & Lake Transit Access Project. The City is in the process of designating a redevelopment area around Lake and Nicollet. The project is in motion but there is no timeframe as to when the street will actually be open. There are many steps that need to be completed before that happens. When the 35W Transit Access Project is completed the projection is that it will accommodate 100 busses per hour.

In April the City of Minneapolis took its first formal step towards reopening Nicollet Avenue by creating a Redevelopment Plan for the area around Nicollet and Lake. 

According to the City the plan’s purpose is to “to facilitate redevelopment activities that support the City of Minneapolis’ goals for the area, including re-opening Nicollet Avenue across Lake Street and the Midtown Greenway, improving access to Interstate I-35W from Lake Street, blight removal and revitalization of the commercial area.”

On Saturday, June 14th, the Lyndale Neighborhood will be celebrating our annual Fish Fest on the street in front of the Garfield Aquarium on 33rd and Garfield. To prepare us for the annual festival, I interviewed Lyndale’s Steve Lick to discover the origins of the fish murals and the celebration.

In the early 90s, Steve Lick and his friend Leisa Luis moved to Minneapolis from Colorado. Steve lived near the substation on the corner of 33rd and Garfield, and the building caught his eye. It was a bit of an eyesore in the neighborhood with boarded up windows, but he saw potential in it. The structure reminded him of the Shed Aquarium in Chicago, which he had visited as a kid. He imagined covering the boards with paintings of fish.

On May 20th the Lyndale Neighborhood Association (LNA) is hosting a brand new event aimed at helping our community members’ improve their careers!

LNA is committed to serving the needs of the Lyndale community. When we ask community members what they need, we get a lot of different answers. One thing we hear all the time is people are interested in better jobs and want more and easier access to careers!

A career you love is central to a fulfilled life for so many reasons it’s almost impossible to list them: personal and financial well-being, improved health, stronger families, vibrant community, the list goes on and on. At LNA we have been asking ourselves what can we do to help?

Hundreds of Lyndale neighbors and friends attended the 2014 Lyndale Open House, held at the Lyndale Community School on Friday, April 11.  This year’s theme was “Get Connected!”, and the event provided many opportunities to do just that. 

The South Minneapolis Housing Fair was Saturday, April 5, 2014 at the Minneapolis Sports Center, 2121 East Lake Street. It was a free event which started at 10:00am and ended at 3:00pm.  We had a good variety of exhibitors so attendees were able to talk with contractors, plumbers, window companies, master gardeners, heating & air conditioning companies, roofing and exterior contractors, tree maintenance, concrete experts, real estate agents, financial services, neighborhood associations and many other exhibitors.  Due to hiring a new fair coordinator this year, we were late getting out the invites and thus there were fewer exhibitors.


Upcoming Events

Wednesday, October 1
6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

HP&D Committee meeting is Wednesday, October 1, 2014, 6:30 - 8:00 pm at the Lyndale Community Center (3537 Nicollet)

Tuesday, October 14
6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Tuesday, October 14, 2014, 6:30 pm the Crime & Safety Committee is touring the Strategic Information Center of the police department.

2014 Lyndale Sponsors
Please take a moment to thank the following neighborhood businesses for sponsoring the Lyndale Neighborhood Association during 2014.

Community Builder
Highland Plaza
3009 Nicollet Avenue
Cooper & Reid, LLC The Low Cost Law Firm
825 Nicollet Ave
36th & Lyndale BP
3551 Lyndale Ave S
Zion Lutheran Church
128 W 33rd St

Neighborhood Partner
Butter Bakery Cafe
3700 Nicollet Ave
Bryant Lake Bowl
810 W Lake St
Crema Cafe - The Home of Sonny's Ice Cream
3401 Lyndale Ave S
Los Andes
317 W Lake St
Prima Land, Inc.
PO Box 188
Redeemer Health & Rehab
625 W 31st St
The Chair
3255 Lyndale Ave
Valerie's Carniceria
3149 Nicollet Ave

Lake Wine & Spirits
404 W Lake St
MN Teen Challenge
1619 Portland Ave S
Pat's Tap
3510 Nicollet Ave S

Good Neighbor
Nicollet Subway
3043 Nicollet Ave
TruStone Financial Credit Union
2817 Lyndale Ave
Museum of Russian Art
5500 Stevens Ave
Nicollet Ace Hardware
3805 Nicollet Ave
615 W Lake St
State Farm Insurance
3430 Nicollet Ave
Royal Pet
3019 Lyndale Ave S
InnerCity Tennis

4005 Nicollet Ave
Blaisdell YMCA

3355 Blaisdell Ave S

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